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You are beginning your search for that first home. Keep in mind that some ownership is considered to be most desirable asset anyone can acquire. Real estate is highly regarded as an investment because the value of a property will most likely increase, or appreciate, after you purchase it.

Although there are cycles of market highs and lows for all homes and residential areas, home ownership offers many advantages to the home owner. Not only is there great long term investment growth, but there are also great tax advantages as well.

One of the greatest advantages of home ownership is the deductibility of the mortgage, interest and property taxes, as expenses against their income when filing their state and federal tax returns. Secondly, real estate is a tangible asset so lenders are willing to grant a higher balance loan, with a lower initial down payment - unlike an auto loan.

Lenders consider real estate as a highly marketable product - it is easily bought an solid and always in demand. So it is considered a sound investment, almost always guaranteed to appreciate with time. Remember too, that property owners can increase their property value at any time by making improvements.

Buying a home requires a great deal of time and energy from everyone involved. Although buying a home is a wise financial experience - based on sound intellectual decisions, it is also an emotional experience based on feelings and dreams. Finding the right home can take only a few days, several weeks, or months, depending on your specific needs.




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